July 16, 2004

Open Orkut!
In spite of this huge flurry of invitations received, asking me to open my orkut account, I have resisted the urge to do so.The fact being simple-no time.I really do not mind viewing profiles etc, but am too bored to create one.My friends however think that I am missing out on something important in life by not being on orkut.This is what happened--My first invitation arrives-'You are invited by XXX to join orkut'.I check it out, but ignore it.Then start the flurry of mails by others.Suddenly all the  post-office evening talks center around who met whom on orkut, who gave who what rating, how many hearts does one have ,and so on.Even on an evening spent relaxing on a couch, a laptop happens to be within sight,and people around me are tempted to view some more profiles.And during all this ,there I am sitting quietly and not voicing any opinion(which is quite a rare thing!)My friends ,who care so much for me cannot take in this scene anymore.So starts a big conspiracy to get me added in orkut.X,Y and Z wax eloquent about it, I am still not convinced.Then the invitations rain upon me in the hope that I bow under pressure.Still no use.Next people threaten  not to give me rides unless I open my account.I manage to get rides from someone else.I get calls at 9 am on a Saturday(the thing I really hate is to wake up early on a weekend),I learn to switch the phone off.My friend is leaving for an India trip, he says he will get me stuff from home only if I open my account.The whole world conspires against me!
But now I have received the ultimate threat:-) If I don't open an account by end of next week, someone else will do it for me!Well if that means someone else is going to do all the work,methinks that's not a bad idea at all;-)


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