January 27, 2004

A Prince, A Princess and A Danish
Once upon a time, in the valley of Kaliph-ornia, there lived a prince. And in a distant kingdom there lived a princess of singular beauty.
Now unlike other once-upon-a-time stories, the princess, instead of the prince, set out on a voyage, braving all the snow and ice and severe weather alerts and plane hijack threats and no-pick-up-from-airport to meet the prince. She came, they met, they talked for long nights and they watched movies for long nights and they went around in streets of Kaliph-ornia for long nights and all was merry. It was spring in winter quarter, there was sunshine all over and dark clouds, if any, were but a collection of silver linings.
But this story, again unlike other once-upon-a-time-stories would not end in "and-they-lived-happily-ever-after". The cruel ruler of the distant kingdom, the academic father of the princess, whom she referred to as advisor, sent his army of due-assignments and due-reports to snatch her back and she had to leave.
The prince, with the princess, defended against them, first for five days and then two days more. But separation was imminent. And away she went.
But not before leaving a Danish (not to mention the two tissues) for him as a remembrance, a souvenir, a memento. And every single night, every single morning, every single afternoon and every single evening, with gloomy eyes and dried lips he held it in front of him and he fondly remembered all those conversations he had had, all those lovely moments, and the tears flowed freely...
Thus supplied with an adequate nourishment of water and salts, the Danish stayed green and flour-ished. And the Danish lived happily ever after....

January 23, 2004

Why do things that are very interesting intially begin to seem a boring task when it absolutely has to be finished?
- And no deadline extensions allowed.

January 22, 2004

Gung Hay Fat Choy !
Happy 4702 - Year of the Monkey.
Thursday, 22 January 2004, marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year of 4702, the year of the Monkey according to Chinese tradition.
A list of must-do things -
1. Pay off all debts by the end of the year.
2. Clean your house from top to bottom before the New Year arrives.
3. Decorate your home with special paper greetings, flowers, and fruits.
4. Wear new clothes on the first day of the New Year.
5. Invite the entire family over on New Year’s Eve.
6. Say Happy Birthday to everybody as everyone is a year older now.
7. Honor and remember ancestors.
8. Cook up a storm, enough for the three-day celebration.
9. Visit family and friends.
10. Pay significant attention to your actions.

January 21, 2004

One Sip Of An Answer

All day I think about it,
then at night I say it.
Where did I come from, and
What am I supposed to be doing?

I have no idea.

My soul is from elsewhere,
I'm sure of that,
and I intend to end up there.

This drunkenness began in some other tavern.
When I get back around to that place,
I'll be completely sober. Meanwhile,
I'm like a bird from another continent,
sitting in this aviary.

The day is coming when I fly off,
but who is it now in my ear
who hears my voice?
Who says words with my mouth?
Who looks out with my eyes?

What is the soul?
I cannot stop asking.
If I could taste one sip of an answer,
I could break out of this prison for drunks.

I didn't come here of my own accord,
and I can't leave that way.
Whoever brought me here
will have to take me home.

--Jelaluddin Rumi

January 20, 2004

Settling differences
Long time ago: Two people who had an argument would go outside and settle their differences - by duelling with pistols, swords, cutlasses.
Alternately: In Bollywood - "Kameene, Main Tera Khoon Pi Jaoonga!" Biff-Wham-Thud, our hero wins the day!
Nowadays: You hack the other person's Yahoo, Hotmail, University/Instituition email accounts and send him the passwords. And keep doing this over a period of some days. As the other person will keep changing the passwords, you keep sending him the new ones. :-)


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