December 22, 2003

Another hectic semester draws to a close. Taking time off to visit my sister and friends, hoping to have fun, since it is the first time I'll be going to sunny California -The Sunshine State.
Two whole weeks away from the cold, away from the winter storms, away from the snow!
A week of proctoring (I never have walked around for 3 straight hours before - it is a really boring job), eating an endless amount of choclates and grading - the scourge of TA work. The flip side - teaching is a very fulfilling experience. If your students like you, even more so. :)
Watching LOTR - The Return of the King FDFS. 12 - 3 AM on a weeknight took its toll, but it was worth it.
Kal Ho Na Ho - finally managed to see it in the theater, laughed so much thought I would die.
And Tehzeeb - the less said the better about the movie. Khalid Mohammed is as guilty of making bad movies as he criticises others for making movies of a similar "quality".
Mistakenly went to Trenton, to renew my license, found out it had not expired at all - so there was nothing to renew and I had wasted a morning away, when I could have done something useful, like blogging, for example. :)
And attending quite a few year end parties and surviving on lesser and lesser amounts of sleep - all for a good cause!
So then, Happy Holidays to everyone! Have fun!

December 17, 2003

When I read "The God of Small Things", what remained with me for a long time after finishing the book was the haunting loneliness of Estha and Rahel. And on a lighter note, this -
This peculiar word formation has some terminology, but cannot seem to recollect it. But a long time before GOST, one summer afternoon, me and my sister decided to experiment with our last name, and so -
So you see, Estha and Rahel actually stole our idea :)

December 15, 2003

Can you beat this?
An alarm, set on a cell phone, sudddenly rang out loud at 10:50 PM. My friend turned it off quickly enough.
But upon enquiring, we found out that the alarm had been set for a very special reason - To remind him to eat a banana at 11:00 PM!
The reason being quite simple - He keeps buying bananas, but always forgets to eat them, and ends up throwing them after a week.
So then why buy bananas at all?
Because ma kehti hai - it is good to eat fruits once in a while...... :)

December 08, 2003

I hate the snow! All 15" of it.
All the slush. Wet socks. Frozen hands.
People calling up from sunny places elsewhere - "Oh, a winter storm? It's a beautiful day here today."
And the radio playing "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow" repeatedly!

December 05, 2003

Some guys can get real lucky!
Take a look at these photos. This guy, Aniruddha, is my former classmate from Abhinav. Happens to be studying in Brisbane. And has managed to get his photos clicked with practically the entire Indian and Australian cricket teams.


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