October 30, 2003

When We Meet

When we meet
I thought we should have something to discuss
So here is a small song about us

Let me begin by introducing Indu
She is talkative, tall, and to some Indu Bindu
She frets about decisions she needs to make
Cause even "What's for lunch?" is important for her sake...
She was neat and organized on our home terrain
Now she seems more like me, a real scatterbrain!

The next one's Appu, she is cute
But when on an conference call goes mute!
Suddenly she starts laughing and makes no sense
Says "it's 'coz of you" to me, it seems dense
But that is fine and I am glad
To have a helpful friend, though a little mad :)

And there's Gauri,she is clever
A very long time back Mr.Sathe got her
She is sweet and good at keeping in touch
But when she is angry, handling her is too much!
Singing and dancing is also what she does
For her new found life
I wish her luck!

And then there is me
Need I say more?
The best of the lot
And that ends the lore!

- Vaishali, 22nd Aug 2003, composed while waiting for IR in Penn Station.

So is my friend a budding poet or what? :)

October 29, 2003

Awaaz Kunacha.........
Wherever you may be in the world, COEP is never far away from you.
And so here I go this weekend to the first ever COEP Computers get-together in the Bay Area:-)

A post after a really long time...
Finally settling down in my new life at Stanford... getting my first paycheck...trips to San Francisco,Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge...laziness taking precedence over uploading my photos...celebrating lots of b'days...celebrating Diwali...my first "bhaubhij" here...getting through the week without a puncture in my cycle...midterms...finally getting good dosas from instant mixes(you can never get batter like the one at home)...
looking at life through a series of homeworks...weird sleeping times... Monday morning blues...
I'm pretty much a grad student now:-)

Reality Bites!!!
If my life were to be defined by a finite state machine, the only two states should be Idle and Sleep. And the transitions would be -
1) Loop - Idle to Idle
2) Idle to Sleep
3) Sleep to Idle
4) Loop - Sleep to Sleep
There! ....reality seems to have lost a little of its bite :)


BRIGHT Flower! whose home is everywhere,
Bold in maternal Nature's care,
And all the long year through the heir
Of joy or sorrow;
Methinks that there abides in thee
Some concord with humanity,
Given to no other flower I see
The forest thorough!

Is it that Man is soon deprest?
A thoughtless Thing! who, once unblest, 10
Does little on his memory rest,
Or on his reason,
And Thou would'st teach him how to find
A shelter under every wind,
A hope for times that are unkind
And every season?

Thou wander'st the wide world about,
Unchecked by pride or scrupulous doubt,
With friends to greet thee, or without,
Yet pleased and willing; 20
Meek, yielding to the occasion's call,
And all things suffering from all
Thy function apostolical
In peace fulfilling.

- William Wordsworth in 1803.

By the poet -
This and the other Poems addressed to the same flower were composed at Town-end, Grasmere, during the earlier part of my residence there. I have been censured for the last line but one-- "thy function apostolical"--as being little less than profane. How could it be thought so? The word is adopted with reference to its derivation, implying something sent on a mission; and assuredly this little flower, especially when the subject of verse, may be regarded, in its humble degree, as administering both to moral and to spiritual purposes.

October 28, 2003

A nice Diwali, talking to people back home, the highpoint was dressing up in a green Kancheevaram sari (me thinks me looked very nice :-D), with borrowed jewels (since I never can happen to possess both the earrings and the screws at any given time, not to mention necklaces and bangles), attended a Bengali cultural program, was interesting, the Kali Puja was really nice. Then roommate's birthday, and given that this was our last week in this apartment, and its Halloween this week, we decided to throw a party, a B'day + Halloween party, so dressed up as a weird looking witch, props were a wig, a hat, a black dupatta (as a cloak) and some watercolors as make-up. Nice decorations, a nice crowd and good food, Sunday over, the week starts again.....

October 24, 2003

Happy Deepavali!
As my friend G happened to say:
Aap sab ko Deepavali evam Nav Varsh ke shubh avsar par...

Chandragupt Ki Shakti
Meerabai Ki Bhakti
Ramchandra Ka Gyan
Karan Ka Daan

Einstein Ki Buddhi
Nobel Prize Ki Siddhi
Gandhi Ki Ahimsa
Hindustaan Ki Parampara
Vajpayee Ki Maryada
Nizaam Ki Sampada

Michael Jordan Ki Salary
Abdul Kalam Ki Vocabulary
Bhagat Singh Ka Deshprem
Sweetheart Ka Amarprem

Microsoft Ke Share
Rupiyo Ke Dher

Tata Ke Senses
Ambani Ke Licenses

Birla Ka Bangla
Daler Ka Bhangra

Amitabh Ki Style
Madhuri Ki Smile

Shahrukh Ki Personality
Aishwarya Ki Popularity

Worldtour Ka Ticket
Tendulkar Ka Wicket

Administrator Ke Passwords
Jokes Ke Forwards

Mercedez Ki Car
Diamond Ka Haar

Aur Logon Ka Dher Saraa Pyar Prapt Ho...
Wish you all a Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year : - )

October 20, 2003

Fastest Data Transfer over the Internet
A new world record has been set recently for the fastest data transfer over the Internet. 1.1 terabytes of data at 5.44 gigabits/second-- which is roughly 20,000 times faster than a broadband connection today. The data transfer was done on October 1st by scientists from the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), near Geneva, to the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena.

October 07, 2003

What a day!
Sleep at 12.30 ,Wake up at 6.30, leave home late & then rush back as you realise that you have forgotten your cell,cycle so fast that you don't believe you can go any faster,catch the busjust in time,install linux innumerable number of times,learn a hundred new things, wait for the damned bus a good 40 minutes, cook a four course meal in an hour,one hour brainstorming sessions, two hour homework sessions, lots & lots of coffee-my day is now truly a 24-hour day!


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