September 21, 2003

It has been so long since I posted anything-but my resolution to not touch my blog till I managed to get funding was the reason behind it.But now since I managed to get it,so on goes my blog(hopefully more regularly)...
My life has been on a roll since the day I left India.A week well spent with my sis at New Jersey, a visit to New York seeing Times Square, The Metropolitan Museum (where we saw some amazing Impressionist paintings by Monet, Van Gogh et al), Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Fifth Avenue, a tour of Rutgers, a visit to Woodbridge mall.But the week went by too fast.
Then came Stanford.And with it came lots of friends.The seniors here are really amazing, helping you out with almost everything, while all you do is marvel at the amount of stuff that needs to be done:-)
Stanford has a really beautiful campus with a varying climate, sometimes hotter than Pune, sometimes colder than Pune, but with so many Indians around me I cannot but feel I'm still in India.
The persistence you need to survive here is something you learn only after you reach here.I had a good lesson out here ,searching for jobs-learning to keep a smiling face even though you may be down in the dumps,adjusting to everything new around you.And after getting an assistantship, I feel I came out stronger with all that experience.
I'm finally settled in my new apartment, doing nothing but cooking, cleaning & shopping and partying till my college starts.
I just couldn't resist writing a personal account , the fact is it's just great to be blogging after such a long time!

September 04, 2003

Today happened to be my last day in Pune.As I leave India tomorrow, there are too many thoughts swirling around in my head to make any sense to post on a blog.The next time I post will be from New Jersey.Maybe I should now think of changing the posting time from IST to Eastern or Pacific time.
All my Pune friends, do keep in touch.


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