March 30, 2003

Things People Do!
This one’s for those people who are familiar with the person everybody loves to call NM Sir. For those who don’t know, this is one of the most famous Maths classes in Pune for the 12th (with an eccentric professor)& also doubles as the world’s biggest gossip center. For a recent update, it seems NM Sir’s now got a dog (A Doberman, I think) in his class, which stays with him all the time, even during class hours baring its teeth at the whole wide world! And since he can’t live without his beloved integration topic either, he’s named his dog “Integral Moti ”! I think the day isn’t far off when he’s going to try to teach his dog to solve integration problems:)

March 26, 2003

All you curious people, sorry to keep you waiting. It so happened that I was down with flu over the weekend. To say that it saps your energy is an understatement. That meant blogging was out of the question.
Well, now its answer time!!!!!
Warning: This goes to the level of being Panchaat (forgive my tapori language), so better be prepared ;)

That “who” is not any person, but my BE project!!! Did not really mean to give an inanimate object a masculine gender, but it did arouse your curiosity right??Some of my friends even called me up, almost indignantly to ask me who this guy was, of whom they had no clue!! Go back & read it keeping the answer in mind this time, & I'm sure you'll agree with me.
I am taking a well-deserved hiatus from it for a week after literally living with it more than 18 hours a day, which does make me think I’ve got nothing else to do in life. This idea had its birth at my school reunion where my friends, most of them now settled, kept conveniently thinking that like them, there had to be some guy in my life. Which made me reflect on the fact that that the only love affair I currently had was with my project. Any chance that lady luck favours me with that kind of luck? Naaaah!

My flu brought a few worries along. Since I had an interview coming up, my incessant coughing scared me that I wouldn’t be able to talk properly. Another was of course the side effect-change in my voice. Luckily I was proved wrong…only till the interview wasn’t over. So now I can boast of a husky unrecognizable voice, which I’m sure will stay for some time. This means…fun on the phone!!!!!
I still have to figure out though how I manage to get these voice changes ever so often!!!

COEP always has a week-long annual social, which starts with the cricket match & ends with the Firodiya show. I always wait for the invitations since I have the habit of collecting them. This year’s was very pretty, a small folded invitation with a placeholder, both had the name ‘Sankraman’ (the name of our gathering) embossed over them.
I missed the initial events, the princi’s cricket match “Kurukshetra” & the debating competitions, “Talk-a-thon” & “Dwandwa”.I guess participation in some other event makes watching these events a distant possibility. This year’s cultural show had Milind Ingle with it being aptly titled “Gaarva”. Missed it again, courtesy Innovation, but many felt he was lip-synching.It seems one girl from FE dared to go & dance on the stage, which made the principal go red in the face.Can’t really comment on it.
All these events were on 7th & 8th March.
From 9th started the real exciting events:
9th-: two quizzes “Chakravyuha”-an open quiz & “Abhimanyu”- an intracollege quiz.Now since majority of the COEP bloggers I know are part of the quiz club & must have written volumes about this, its better I desist.
But a little bird did tell me that the quiz turned out be the perfect romantic setting for somebody there:)
The same day had the “Regatta” -COEP gathering’s fame to the outside world.The best way to reaffirm too that COEP is the only college in Pune to boast of its own boat club(BC).No less than four-five thousand people attend this event every year- this year was no different.On the contrary this 75th show turned out to be one of the better ones in the past few years.The only kink here would be the bad sound system.The Kayak Ballet was just perfect synchronization, the telematches had Ravana & Duryodhan fighting against each other, the Mashaal Dance showcased some wonderful formations, one of them being a bat & ball, the ball running towards the bat & then changing into a six, immediately followed by the world cup. Another good one was the Columbia shuttle. Among the not liked ones, PIET topped. The Punt Formation, an event whose participation is exclusively limited to FEites was superb too, with none of the lights in the punts doing the disappearing act this time. The emphasis was on geometric formations this time.People kept on comparing the show with the one 3 years back, but I couldn’t join in their comparisons as I had missed it then:(
10th-: “Antarang”- An Arts & Crafts Exhibition- One of the best ways to know how much talent exists in COEP.Its always a pleasure to visit this exhibition.
The evening saw the advent of the Traditional Show(formerly the Fashion Show).It was also the day of the India-Sri Lanka match.We followed the match till Sri Lanka were 5 down, then went to the auditorium.This time it was choreographed by Priya & Dushyant & they put up a good show. Some steps were reminiscent of the show in FE when I was a participant.Seeing this year’s show I was assured that no one could beat my record of being the only person who was covered from top to bottom in a fashion show with my hands & face just managing to get a peek at the crowd!
11th & 12th-: “Zhankar”- It’s our Variety Show. I was a participant here, with one dance to my credit. I did some more enjoyable work too-helping others with their stage make-up. That’s one thing I’m comfortable with courtesy my dance programs. The best part of such shows is the backstage excitement, the last minute rushes to see that everything’s perfect, waiting with bated breath for the curtain to lift up, the stage practices as a team, the exhilaration after the show, I could just go on & on……. This year there was more dancing than singing with some amazing dances all thanks to KT & Vikrant. The grand finale had a specially choreographed dance on ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’. Definitely worth all the “once mores” it got.
“Abhivyakti”- The drama. This year, it was a thriller. This too generated “I was once a part of it” feeling coz I had helped with the backstage costumes during my SE.But this year the audi was fully packed, enough to generate claustrophobia & it was a hot day, the Variety show had just finished, which sadly meant that I kept drowsing off. Although the story didn’t appeal much to me & the acting seemed to border on melodrama, the comic timing in some of the scenes was perfect. But what took the cake were the “ghost scenes”. Again for the life of me I can’t imagine how these actors manage to mug up so many lines at a time & then manage to put life & soul in them! Truly commendable!
“Jallosh”- Our Funfair. I thought after the not so good response the last two years, it would be the same again, but it turned out to be better than expected. Some dancing, some talking, lots of sitting, the typical fare.
“Aaswad”- Refreshments. The only day of the year when you’re offered a free dinner with ice-cream. This year, I was just so happy to have finished my dinner(this day saw me in college from 8 in the morn till 10 at night, adding to this was my previous night’s 1am viewing of Hollywood-Bollywood), that the only thought which entered my mind was that I wouldn’t have to eat again at home!
COEP Shree- Some kind of bodybuilding show. Yet to see it. Never sad that I haven’t.
Mr & Ms COEP- Coep’s own personality contest. Quite a few of my acquaintances have participated or won it, but I’ve never seen more than half the show.
Prize Distribution-: the obvious end to the gathering competitions. Lots of prizes given away, 2 girls, Aditi & Pashmina walked away with the Best Outgoing Sportsperson & Best Outgoing Person trophies this year.
BE Show- A show put up exclusively of the BEites, for the BEites, by the BEites.This show had the actors playing themselves, acting out some of the sequences so typical to COEP.No better way to drown yourself in nostalgia!
“Ardhasatya”- This year’s Firodiya Show. Although COEP didn’t win any overall prizes at Firodiya this year, they did win quite a few solo prizes, one of them for a riveting, elegant Kathak performance by Ojasi. The drawing as always was amazing, with one of them managing to draw a portrait looking in a mirror!
This gathering turned out to be pretty good but ended with the sad thought that I may never see another one again.All good things come to an end.But one thing’s for sure. If I’m ever in Pune in March, the only place I’d make a beeline to is (I’m still praying that some miracle occurs which stops those crazy people from changing the college name to PIET)… COEP!

March 20, 2003

The Mystery Man

He’s left me and gone. But only temporarily. I know he’ll be back. Again that’s temporary too, maybe upto July. I sure would like him to be with me later too but who can guarantee that? But right now there’s a big void in my life.
Since I joined engineering I always knew someday he’d be an important part of my life. In FE I came to know he existed, but never made an acquaintance with him. It was the second semester of TE, which made me search earnestly for him. I did find him, but everything was a formality. It was during my final year that I became well versed with him. Casually & unnoticed, he became a part of my life. Never did a day go by when I did not think about him or talk to my friends about him. It’s difficult for me to imagine my life without him.
He’s given me lots of joys, some sorrows, some bittersweet moments. Moments to be cherished…
BUT he’s not currently here. Which is what makes me feel I’ve got nothing else to do in life.
The happy news is he’s expected back soon. Hopefully I’ll return to the world of normalcy then.

My dear readers,aren’t you dying of curiosity to know who this is about? But as they say, “Sabr ka phal meetha hota hai”. So wait patiently till tomorrow!

Crores of Indians are watching the match now with crossed fingers, hoping that it doesn’t rain. I’m one of those too…

March 18, 2003

An eventful weekend-:The final curtain on this year’s gathering in COEP, Concepts, result, school reunion, the experience of being stranded on the highway, an escape from a future accident due to brake failure thanks to my Dad’s good sense, learning to keep a smiling face & talk continuously for hours on end,while “chuhe pet mein daud rahe ho” & then stand for an hour in a queue for a meal, squabbling with old friends, making new ones, the delight of having stitched my own top… lots of revelations about life.

March 15, 2003

A whole day spent at Concepts. This is the biggest IEEE Student Chapter project competition in the world. A big thing for us to get selected as the networking category this year was the most difficult to get into. But the judging sure is funny. We had one normal judge. When the second one came, we started explaining & were more than half-way through when we were asked “How does this project fit into the systems side?” Surprised, we told him that we were participating in the Networking category. He then gave a sort of grumpy look & said “Why have I then been assigned this project?”The organisers gave some feeble reply after which he then stomped off. We came to know that he has judged us. He himself said that he knows literally nothing of Networking & to top it off would be the only systems specialist judging a networking project. How well can such a person judge a project after only half-hearing it? Strange.

And I was not there to take my result. Each day of the past week, we were scared with rumours about the BE result. Each day of the gathering would start with “Are the results going to be declared today?” Finally it was declared on a day when we were busy giving demos of our project. Almost everybody seemed to be agonizing over the fact that we wouldn’t get our marksheets till Monday. But I had reached an unfeeling stage where it didn’t matter what kind of result I got. Luckily some friends managed to reach the college in time to note them down. Thankfully mine wasn’t bad. But no one can boast of high percentages this time. It’s also the first time I got my result through sms.
When you are really busy, you don’t have time to give vent to silly emotions!

March 13, 2003

So much of talent around you! It never fails to floor me.Every gathering brings out some new talent, some new star.I see the creative spark even in people I normally wouldn't have noticed.The best part is, each person seems to bring laurels to the college in totally different events, I guess that's what makes COEP so special.

I had a wish- to participate in the college gathering this year, come what may. But I had a hard time finding time for it. I needed something which wouldn't take too much of my time & wouldn't clash with other prefixed 'things I have to do’. Which meant trying for compering the Regatta was out of the question. What better than a solo dance! I could choreograph whenever I wanted, practice as I pleased. I actually did that-choreographed in an hour, practiced for an even lesser amount of time. I also managed to choreograph two other dances, so that a choice could be made for the finicky crowd (the Variety organisers were hard task masters this time). This is the first time I've choreographed for Marathi songs.
Very frankly I did not expect a good response from the crowd, rather I did not expect a crowd at all since my dance was the first one. This was more of satisfying my desire than anything else. That’s why I was shocked when the crowd started clapping in synch with the song. I even got a 'once more' the first day! Either I'm reading this wrong, or the tolerance of the COEP crowd has definitely improved.
This week is turning out to be a pleasant one after all.

March 11, 2003

Ahhhhhhhh! At last, an admit! After one complete reject & another partial one, I was kind of losing hope as the low-ranked univs were rejecting me.But maybe Stanford didn't think along the same lines.Now I can wait for the other results with some optimism.

March 09, 2003

What a Day!Talked my heart out from morning 9.00 till evening 5.30 at Innovation. Did some weightlifting too ,with CPU's. Then rushed to Regatta.It was really wonderful. The Mashaal Dance took the cake with the Kayak Ballet & Punt Formation coming a close second.We had Ravana & Duryodhan(if I'm not wrong) fighting for ??; well Duryodhan won.I'm talking about the telematches.More on this tomorrow(too tired). After a major jumbleup, found just now that our project has been selected for Concepts.Tomorrow's the day for a stage practice for my dance.I'm ready to drop dead!

My life is a game of joys & disappointments chasing each other furiously right now.Every rejection is followed by some kind of acceptance which is immediately followed by another rejection.I definitely don't like this game.

March 07, 2003

Experimental Biomass!
Many of you believe that cups and dishes left in the sink or refrigerator achieve a more desirable state over time. In some cases, it may be a subtle change in color or texture that you seek. In other cases, it may be an experimental biomass of potential nutritional or medicinal value. In still other cases, it may be an attempt to reproduce a miraculous and unexplained event from the past, in which a cup or dish, left for a long period of time, was suddenly found to be clean.
Unfortunately, these experiments require a long-term commitment of resources that are occasionally needed for other purposes. The art, science or religious experience you seek may conflict with the prosaic and short term purposes for which these resources were installed, and may even cause side effects (nausea, for example) among the more casual and less committed users.
With great regret, we have decided to terminate funding for these studies. Existing experiments should be terminated as soon as possible, and new ones are discouraged except in cases of major scientific or personal significance.

The above note was emailed to us by one of the Profs in my lab. Relates to the use of our common kitchen and fridge in the lab. It (the cleanliness - virtually nonexistent) has reached such an extent that such mails are being sent out! Which did have an effect on the state of the kitchen, although my guess is only temporarily………

March 05, 2003

My external project guide is the judge at Innovation this year(after Concepts last year). Which means we’re going to have the worst of it. Who better than him to grill us about the project! I can only begin to imagine the questions we’re going to be asked. To top it off, a meeting next week to discuss how we performed & how we should improve. Of the three networking groups at PACE, the other two still don’t have a clue. What a wonderful surprise for them on 8th!

This week I just seem to sing “Happy B’day” everyday. We surprised Jyoti with a cake in the middle of the night, when she least expected it, all due to the fact that we managed to create an illusion that everyone was too busy to take time off from their projects, that a cake could be cut only in the afternoon. Priya had her cake cut in college. She was very curious since she knew I was going to give her some handmade gift. Everybody except her knew about it & thankfully the secret was well kept. When I finally gave her a present , she started opening it with delight thinking it to be that handmade gift. But all she got were wrappings, wrappings & more wrappings. By the time she was done unwrapping the present, each of us had atleast one wrapping in hand.
Amidst comments ranging from I having kept a chocolate inside to having kept nothing in it, when Priya finally managed to unwrap the last cover, she found a 5-paise coin, minted in the year she was born. The look on her face was worth it. We all split our sides with laughter, consequently were kicked out of the lab for creating a ruckus.
My coin was not given without reason. My actual gift was a knitted purse. While making this purse I seemed to attract lots of comments. Since I stitch & knit, people seem to think I’m a homely person. Is that what defines a homely person? If so, I shouldn’t be in the middle of a mad, crazy, muddled life, being out of the house for 14 hrs a day. Another, actually a nice comment was from a shopkeeper when I went hunting for a zip for the purse. He took a look at the purse & asked me if I was interested in selling it. I just laughed it off, but he persisted for some time & managed to elicit a “let me see” from me. When I walked out of the shop, he was talking about giving orders! If I am ever in need of a secondary vocation, this wouldn’t be such a bad idea!
Thankfully again, Priya was pleased with the gift. Its so easy to make gifts for girls. I can’t say the same about boys though. Experience speaks. But as they say, “It’s the thought that counts!”

Truer words were never spoken!Its 5th & I'm still in Pune.Some unfortunate circumstances postponed the marriage itself.So I'm back to my old schedule.Is fate with me or against me?

March 01, 2003

Happy B'Day!!!!!!!!
A big list of Piscean B’Days coming up-
2nd March-Nupur& Madhura
3rd -Jyoti
4th- Priya
5th-Nupur(not the same one!)

Many Happy Returns of the Day, all of you!!

What a match! It was after a long time that I cheered for India.The India-Pakistan match is always over-hyped, but for me it was just another match.So inspite of people saying I was a silly girl not to watch the match, some even going to the extent of saying that I am not a true Indian , Ruddhi & I decided to do our project work.We had to get some errors straightened out, to get our end-to-end system up & running. We finally managed to do it by 5.We did have an eye on the score, thanks to the net.Luckily Pakistan won the toss & decided to bat. I say luckily coz, it meant I was home in time to watch the Little Master blast his way through the Pakistan bowling.Tendulkar was a delight to watch.It was a real pity the way he got out, just missing his century.But he passed another milestone,he crossed the 12,000 run mark in one-day cricket.That man was born to not just break records, but create new ones!Dravid & Yuvaraj Singh finally led the team to victory with their sensible performance.If our team continues with this batting line-up, we may still stand a chance in the matches ahead, even if Ganguly decides to go Quack-Quack all the way.Just one grouse-what are those silly ladies doing out there?Give us some decent commentary please.
My Mom goes to the temple near our place every Saturday & distributes prasad.Today there were very few people to take it. She was wondering what to do ;while talking to someone she casually mentioned how she had been praying for India to win.That was all that was needed.In 2 minutes flat, her bowl was empty!
Indira too stayed up the whole night to watch the match.I’m sure there’ll be some post on it on Monday.
If India continues this winning streak, I may even revert to being the cricket fanatic I was once!


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