February 28, 2003

Random Thoughts
I had written a blog cribbing about the fact that I cannot go to Bangalore for my cousin’s wedding.Well, it seems all’s not wrong with my world. I have managed to create a super-tight schedule for myself which ensures that that I won’t miss anything. The only problem was with getting tickets, that’s solved now too.
This means I slog out for my project now, hop on the train on 5th, enjoy myself for 2 days (its ages since I met all my cousins), hop back on 8th, be just in time in Pune on 9th to attend the second day of Innovation & the Regatta in the evening.Then it is 2 weeks of dancing on a tightrope. It also means missing the Innovation Techie Quiz, but I’m sure Amol & Sandeep won’t mind.After all they are the brains of our team.I would have liked to be there, seeing Amol’s track record, for a change I would have been on the winning side. This time it is the 75th regatta (maybe my last) in college, I won’t miss it for anything in the world(It is also COEP’s 150th year ). I also have the feeling that this year’s Punt Formation is going to be amazing. All attributed to the FE crowd & the practices. I have also attended the Variety practices, they seem to be good too. Maybe we’ll have the same kind of gathering we had when I was in FE. The last two years didn’t match up to that one.
This also brings another not-so-pleasant thought to my mind- It’ll mostly be the first time I’m not there to get my result.The Univ always wants to declare your result just before the gathering, spoiling all the fun.This time there seems to be a lot of chance.
When I showed my Dad my hectic 3-week schedule with my demands for just a 4-day trip, all he said was, “You generally rush around to work, now you’re rushing around in order to enjoy!”
But experience has made me skeptical. There are always these last minute plans which overwrite your pre-planned activities.My B’lore trip is one such, but that doesn’t mean something else won’t overwrite it too.
So I’ll trust my luck only when I have boarded the train.

February 25, 2003

“Khud ke pairon pe kulhadi marna” suits me just fine, literally. Some time ago some kind of lesion appeared on my foot, for no apparent reason. I just kept ignoring it, hoping it would go away. Things reached a stage when pus started coming out. That’s when I landed at the doctor’s. The weird part is that he said it was a shoe bite, when there was absolutely no chance of my shoe rubbing against my skin at that spot.
Things were on their way to being normal, when I had the brilliant idea of practicing my dance wearing ghungroos . Somehow my pair wouldn’t fit me very well & as I was dancing, just slipped down & hit the sore spot. Not one to be satisfied, I tried all the combinations, very obviously injuring myself more in the process.My good pair seems to have vanished into thin air.Nursing my sore feet, I finally borrowed ghungroos. Tried them out today.Thankfully they don’t hurt.Atleast one thing is in place.

Rise and Shine!.. and some more...
Getting some free time suddenly to post a few bytes on the blog. Have started turning up early morning at the lab, and am finding out that then I can have the lab all to myself for some blissful peace and quite, till the secretaries, the profs and the other students start arriving. The change being necessitated by the severe winter that just won’t seem to thaw....if I come to Pune in the summer, then God help me survive the heat! Snow everywhere, ice and more ice, some more very slippery ice, leading to very funny incidents of people falling all over the place due to the “black ice” which to the normal eye seems to be just the wet road, but the moment you put your foot on it, it’s slip’n’slide all the way!
Continuing on my previous post concerning books, have nearly abandoned Jeffrey Archer’s “Sons of Fortune”, it is more like a script written for the film industry rather than a book, it seems rather abrupt, no nice flow to it. Might just read the end though.
Also managed to get a copy of Katharine Graham’s “Personal History”, just in time before the library was closing. And a book about the famous Hearst Family, the newspaper barons of America. And have nearly finished reading “Catcher in the Rye”. This book is really worth a read and in a day or two will have a blog devoted entirely to it.
Now that I am going to the gym regularly, (we usually play badminton), but on Sunday also played volleyball after a long time, was great fun! Luckily was able to go to the gym as an exam that I was supposed to give got rescheduled, rather it became a take home!
My cousin Hari is getting married and I will not be there in B’lore to attend the wedding! Maybe I could go to LA later to visit him. And in the bargain, escape a few days of this winter! Can’t seem to get this winter out of my system. Last weekend, we had a blizzard, received 27 inches of snow, school was closed for 2 days, and it was the 7th biggest blizzard of all time! Some record that! I think that’s enough records broken for one winter. Is somebody up there listening?
A small improvement, today is a day of “golden sunshine” albeit with freezing temperatures. Spring is still a few weeks away...............................

February 24, 2003

Multimedia assignments can sure be fun. I had a wonderful time yesterday, creating my own CD, Wav, MIDI,AVI Player, simultaneously playing many of these devices. Still more fun today when I blared 'Hotel California’ right in the middle of a practical, in front of my teacher when showing my assignment, much to the amusement & wonder of others.
I dared to do something else too. When we work after college hours in the lab, everybody is interested in listening to songs, but our Lab has no speakers. It is only the Multimedia Lab that boasts of speakers & that lab is off-limits in the evening. Everybody else was afraid to ask Ma’am for them. So after lots of pestering by others, I was assigned the task of belling the cat. I went & asked her, I got a pointed “Why?”
It slipped out of my mouth, “To listen to songs”(I forgot to think of a good excuse). I regretted it the moment I said it coz I was sure, that now I wouldn’t get them. To my surprise, she just said “Do you want them right now? Take them”(that too with a smile).
So now my CD player headphones go on only when I listen to Tamil songs.
We are really setting new trends in COEP!

My cousin Hari’s getting married in a few days. And I’m not going to be able to make it to his wedding:(
I’ve got too many prior commitments to just throw them away and run off to a wedding. I’m maintaining my track record of attending all of my sisters’ weddings & missing all of my brothers’. This is what happens when a cousin suddenly pops down from US and decides to get married just as suddenly. If only he was getting married a week later………… Why can’t I ever have my cake & eat it too?

February 20, 2003

Back to School!
Some work ensured that I visited my school last week. A trip down memory lane. My last visit was after my 12th.
My school's changed a lot, but most of the teachers who taught me are still there.
However my primary school princi is now the princi of the high school. She is one person I will always be in awe of.
I, kind of created a surprise when I walked into the staff-room when least expected. Every step brought back memories. After the initial surprise, all of my teachers got down to the work of dissecting me. Amidst comments about how I had grown, thinner, taller, fairer, & exclamations of how I had cut off my hair (isn't it funny how your physical appearance is the most commented upon initial topic!), I managed to give the low-down about my current life, very obviously following it with Indira’s. I was also shown off to the newer teachers as one of the former students(that's coz it so happened that I topped school in 10th).
My teachers always had the impression that I was a very sincere, quiet student, who never talked unnecessarily. All due to the fact that I mastered the art of pretending to pay attention in class, when in reality I was sleeping, that I never talked much during lectures except to ask Q's. Always being a back-bencher, I had an excellent view of the class,& used to enjoy looking at the other goings-on more. Neither did they have any clue as to the delicious bites secretly eaten from the dabba during the lecture before the recess. I'm glad they still don't know. Why spoil one's impression unnecessarily!
Our batch was always supposed to be the best one (we didn't know it then, it was staff room conversation) coz we had lots of people good at studies, many topping in all kinds of extra-curricular stuff, a few national champs too. There were great expectations from us. We didn't belie them. I heard it again last week that none of the juniors seem to have come close to us. If we had had any inkling of this, we'd surely have let it go into our heads, but all we got was a how-to-improve lecture everyday then!
One of the lectures I had to listen to very frequently was about my untidy drawing& bad handwriting. Every teacher would make it her task to warn me that I'll never come in the merit list all thanks to my handwriting. The best that can be said about my handwriting is that it is legible. I never thought my handwriting could be the topic of a conversation, but it seems otherwise. Now my notebooks were circulated among juniors (and still are) as I had the habit of making lots of useful notes. My friend’s brother who got one of my books, took it with almost a reverential air, expecting to see some beautiful, tidy book, and got the shock of his life! His first reaction was "How did she ever manage to come in the merit list? Such bad handwriting!” I wonder how many more such comments I’ve missed:)
I also managed to meet my favourite teacher (Naseem Teacher) during my second visit. She just hugged me tight in a way, which makes you feel so welcome. She is the only teacher as tall as me, so when she finally spoke ,it was to say, “We are at the same level now”. But I will always look up to her. She is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She was always more of a friend than a teacher to my class. Its so rare to find such teachers!
On a related note I also visited Diwan Sir (of the NTS classes fame).I came to know that he has stopped taking classes from this year due to a hearing problem after a long innings of 22 years. But he retired in style with 67 of his class students managing to get through in 2002. Initially I was not at all interested in attending his classes, but a friend of mine persuaded me to. I went very skeptically the first day, when I heard him say, “The battle is half lost if you don’t even try”. It kind of inspired me to atleast try for NTS (The only thing I had heard before about it was that it was a very tough exam). My experience turned out to be a very satisfying one. I’ve lost count of the number of times his classes have helped me in all sorts of situations.
When I mentioned my visit to my school friend, she became nostalgic too. I also came to know that my class is planning to have a reunion of a different sort. Some people from my class are going to ask the principal for permission to attend school for a day, in the same old way- wear uniforms, come to school on a cycle, say prayers in assembly, attend lectures, and eat dabba during recess, trouble the teachers as much as possible… If we manage to do it, it’ll sure be lots of fun!

I wrote this blog immediately after 14th, conveniently forgot to post it.
This Trad day at college actually boasted of a decent enough crowd this year. Or maybe its coz I thankfully met all nice people on that day.We girls had a night-out at Supriya’s place after a long time on the 13th.Spent a lazy evening.Had dinner outside & then spent half the night chatting away to glory.When we finally went to sleep , it was still early for us ; most of us(excluding me) manage to stay up the whole night.I also think we are kind of realizing now that few months down the line, we’re going our separate ways, and are making the most of the moment.
Come morning, we had a great time getting ready together- the rustle of the sarees & the ghagras, applying the thing we call make-up on our faces (a rare occurrence), the last minute looks before the mirror, & off we went. All of us driving our vehicles; as usual confusion ensued when we thought one vehicle broke down, actually those people landed up in college before us.
This time the FEites & BEites were really enthusiastic.We got to see all kinds of costumes. I for my part (for the first time in my life) dressed as a typical South Indian in Pavadai-Dhavani, replete with jhumkis, gajras,Udayanam and all. We girls had a nice place to dance, away from the crazy, mad crowd, we made the most of it.
I got a very different gift this valentine’s day. Generally you’re supposed to get roses, but I managed to get a Band-aid .While I was dancing, a paper clip went almost completely in my foot. When I realized it after some time & pulled it out, blood kept on oozing out. One guy nearby (Ojasi’s friend) who it seems always keeps Band-aids with him,bounded off & got one, giving it to me with his best compliments! I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry!
After some interesting incidents not to be mentioned on a blog & some photo sessions where we took snaps seated on a bullock cart (which turned out to be a laugh riot), we went for lunch, that too at 5.00.The place where we went, Mirch Masala, turned out to be closed. After a satisfying lunch somewhere else & some more TP, I finally reached home ready to plop into bed. Funny how doing TP also tires you out!

A bit late, but
Congrats Ojasi for winning the first prize in dance at Firodiya!

February 19, 2003

Yipeeee! Now they're showing Tamil Movies at Inox, that too at 50 bucks.Their first offering is going to be Anbe Sivam, a Madhavan-Kamal Hassan starrer, where Madhavan is a yuppie to the core.Atleast now there won't be a long wait to watch some good movies.If no last minute plans turn up, I'm off to watch the movie on Sunday .

I came home early yesterday, & to my surprise found my Mom watching the India-Zimbabwe match.She even missed watching her favourite Tamil show Comedy Time.I never knew she was a big cricket fan.Generally she would ask the score 1-2 times & that's it.Yesterday when I expressed my shock,I came to know that this has been going on for some time now. She said with all seriousness ,"India has to enter the Super Six,I've been praying hard today morning asking God to let India win this match.I'm sure they're going to win it." I guess she's taken all my enthusiasm.For me nowadays,cricket is only in moderation.Now I'm the only sane person in our cricket-crazy family.

February 18, 2003

Dance practice after a long time today.Half an hour & I was out of breath. Now my legs feel like lead.I'd better get into shape.
Still searching for another semi-classical song.....

You have no time to stand and stare!!
This is a line from one of my all-time favourite poems "Leisure". Seems to fit me perfectly.Nowadays I just keep zipping from one place to another. Not only am I delving into too many things right now, I also late at every place.Things have come to such a stage, I've been given my HST ie Haripriya Standard Time which is always 15 minutes behind any standard time.You may wonder how I manage to be so late.Its just a recursive procedure.
Its almost 3 am when I go to sleep.Being a person who likes her beauty sleep, I sleep for more than 8 hrs, which means I'm up only at 11.College starts at 11.30.You can imagine the hustle & bustle in getting ready.With difficulty I manage to reach college by 11.45 .Then I'll start working on my project, or am called by some teacher for some practical assignment stuff, which is absolutely necessary.If not I'm caught hold of by some person eager to worm out info of all kinds from me.Either ways I lose track of time,at 12.45 I realise that my lecture started quite some time ago.By the time I leave the lab & search for the right classroom, the lecture's half over.I'm just glad I manage to give my attendance.If only we had consecutive lectures, I'd actually wait there and be on time for the rest.But we are given 15-20 minutes off to eat lunch, we land up spending more than half-an-hour, obviously late for thenext lecture.By now you must be getting the drift.Finally the serious project work starts & I'm so engrossed that I realize with a start that its time I'd better leave.But that's also the time when something funny happens with the previously properly running code; I rack my brains on my drive back home trying to figure out what's wrong.When I reach home, I've thought of this brilliant idea which has to be tried out.I'm too impatient to even eat.There I go, spending my evening in front of the comp.When the code's up & running with all the bugs fixed,that's when I look at the clock & reality strikes. Its past ten,my room is a mess, I've forgotten to eat dinner, not done any of my chores,my parents are expected from their walk any minute.They do come back before I've managed to set everything right,sometimes I do get a lecture for living such a harried life.I just gobble down my food,its back to the comp.I decide to call it a day at 1.00 finally doing it at 3.00am.
Ah, I almost forgot! I have to squeeze in my stitching classes, dance practices & write SOP's n' character referrals,attend meetings,take lectures.Maybe I'm trying to squeeze out too much from 16 hours in a day( the rest obviously for sleeping) & letting my time schedule go haywire in the process.Where are the good old days?I don't seem to have time to stand & stare(which I literally used to do) anymore.Even when I go to the Boat Club nowadays, its just to drink water or buy something to eat.No time for loitering.
This has been my life for the past 3 weeks.But things are looking up now.Hopefully by the 2nd week of March, I should be a free bird.Then I shall have
Time to Turn at Beauty's Glance,
Watch her feet, how they can dance,
Time to Wait till her Mouth can,
Enrich that Smile her Eyes began

In college on Saturday, I was asked by juniors, when our class wanted our farewell party.I am rather pleased they even asked us,I did not have the least expectation from them.If we're really lucky, we might land up getting a good party too!

February 14, 2003

Something called a “blog”:
When my sis first told me about this new thing that she had discovered, something called a blog, I was least interested. Now about a month later, I am totally addicted. Reading blogs has even put the “checking email” into second place when working in the lab and wanting to take a break. But writing demands more involvement and so is taking time, though the chances are improving every minute, even as I write. :-}

Reading (in a daze):
Have spent the last two days in a daze…doing some simulations and debugging and reading/discovering books on the web. Resulted in a decision to go to the Alex library here to pick up copies of “Personal History” by Katharine Graham and “How to Read and Why” by Harold Bloom.
The first book is an autobiography. Graham as the owner of the Washington Post, supported Woodward and Bernstein in their investigations into the Watergate scandal and also published the Pentagon Papers in spite of pressure from the Nixon White House. All this finally resulted in Nixon being impeached, so Graham is credited with having been able to “bring a President down”. This too after having to take over the Washington Post when her manic depressive brilliant husband (who wanted to be a king maker), Phil Graham shot himself. More on the book later when I finish reading it.
The second book is noteworthy, for it’s author Bloom. He was a guy who started reading classics at the age of 7, and by the time he was 16 had read probably all the books in the New York Public Library. Evidently, this book was written by him much later in life and gives an analysis of the various methods of telling a story, viz. a novel, a short story etc. Will find out more soon.
On the lighter side, am halfway through Jeffrey Archer’s “Sons of Fortune”. But seems as though he will not be able to better “Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less” for now.
A week ago started reading “Catcher in the Rye”. But am finding it quite depressing, it certainly is not a book that you should read when you are alone….tends to leave you wondering whether the world really is full of phonies??

A Day Spent at the Museum(s):
The museum in question being the Museum of Natural History.
Got my stuff from India, from a friend just the weekend before my birthday. Yippee! All those new clothes…and the CDs…a really good job by my sis!

An aside:
Having roommates from different states of India certainly is good for National Integration and all that, but is not so good for the ears. A case in point, I play “Alaipayuthe” on the boombox, my Telugu roommate will play “Sakhi” , the aforementioned movie, but in Telugu this time and then another roomie would want to listen to “Saathiya”….there goes an entire Saturday morning. And as for remembering the lyrics…it has now become quite a mish mash.

Back to the museums:
Have made a decision to visit as many museums in New York as possible, being lucky enough to live only an hour’s train ride from Manhattan. So far have seen the Metropolitan twice, and then also have just managed to see just the Egyptian Section, the Renaissance paintings , Portraits by Richard Avedon and a special exhibit on Genghis Khan. Blogs about all this later, hopefully :-}
The Museum of Natural History has four floors, we managed to see the first three. One really good exhibit was the Asian Hall of Peoples, and so was the Big Bang Simulation. In the geography section, there was one piece really worth mentioning. There was this huge screen in the center of the hall, every minute or so it showed up volcanic activity all over the world, the next minute it would be earthquakes, a moment later it would be climactic patterns and so on and so forth. The amazing point to be made here is the amount of data processing that must be required for this display and also the speed at which it would be required to be done! (all in real time).

February 13, 2003

Tomorrow's Valentine's Day.Its also Trad Day at college.Funny how people want to make the most of it from a day.Somebody professing his or her love for another ,that too in COEP on 14th Feb seems to be an amusing thought.Guess there'll be all the typical stuff, the crazy public, everybody flaunting their clothes-basically the usual fare.
But there's going to be one difference atleast in my class. Since this is our last Trad Day, we thought we'd go traditional all the way.So hopefully tomorrow we should be seeing the girls in Gujju sarees, Ghagras, Nine yard sarees, Pavadai-Dhavani,Bengali Sarees and the boys in,Kurtas,Dhotis,Phetas all with the necessary adornments.
We'd make a pretty picture for a national integration photo!

February 12, 2003

I’ve turned into a non-vegetarian! And I’ve had the (dis)pleasure of eating something even regular non-vegetarians would not like to eat. A mosquito! Actually two, on two consecutive days!! Yuck!! I can’t thank the COEP mosquitoes enough.
Nowadays I’m there in college till late. Come evening, its when all of us meet, with everyone returning from their companies. Its also the time for a swarm of mosquitoes to enter the lab. They (I mean the mosquitoes) make you wish you had rubbed Odomos all over your body. They’ll drink your blood to their heart’s content, but that’s all. No sacrificial intent here. Their motto is “Hum Doosron Ka Khoon Chusenge”. The parking lot mosquitoes beg to differ. Now, I always land up meeting someone there while going home. If not it’s just our group, either ways I end up talking a lot. The parking lot mosquitoes obviously receive an SOS from the lab ones, and are there to welcome us as we step into the parking. But what an attitude difference! These ones are hell-bent on trying to sacrifice themselves, as if trying to make up for their lab breed’s attacks. They just swarm around you & when you open your mouth to talk, they pop in as if committing suicide by jumping into a well. Before you know it, you’ve swallowed a mosquito! They spend the last minutes of their life resolutely thrashing about in my throat, no amount of coughing seems to make them change their mind.They die a ghastly death in my digestive system. Why go to all this trouble? If they’re so interested in dying, I’d just have killed them with my hands, or if they wish to die in some kind of liquid, there’s always the river there. Why my throat?
I don’t seem to learn from experience either. Otherwise why would I let the same thing happen a second time?
I should keep some kind of mosquito repellant with me, but since I keep forgetting to get one, I’d better learn to keep my mouth shut. God give me the will power for that!

February 11, 2003

Drifting between nostalgia and debugging(A weekend post on this).3am nights seem to have become the order of the day.Finally a day of satisfaction.Managed to check my own blog after 2 whole days, let alone look at others'.I've put my finger into so many pies, that come March, I'm sure I won't have time to sleep at all.What the heck! Let me enjoy this too while it lasts!

February 09, 2003

The Secret of Bargaining.
When you enter a shop to buy something, do you need to resist your desire of asking the shopkeeper to reduce the price? I am not talking of the expensive double-your-normal-prices shops where you land up paying for the décor too, but the kinds where sane middle class people shop.(An exception: Madras boasts of a huge shopping mall called Spencer Plaza ,supposed to be high-posh, where you can still bargain for in every shop, including Nike, Adidas, Westside, Pantaloons, & get away with amazing stuff).Welcome to the hardcore bargainers' group!
I happen to be one of the experienced members of that group. There’s never a time when I've not managed to buy good quality stuff without a reduction in price. But a line needs to be drawn somewhere & it is drawn when it comes to buying expensive clothes like silk sarees etc etc..Atleast that's what I used to think, until I read a middle in the newspaper.
There was this woman, who wanted to buy 3 Kanjeevaram sarees for the price of one. How do you think she managed to do it? Well, she got up bright & early and stepped into a very famous shop as soon as it opened for the day that too on the day of Lakshmi Puja ,the shopkeeper just finishing his morning puja and all.After choosing the sarees, she quoted one-tenth the price of the sarees.The shopkeeper recognized her to be a bargainer and in typical lingo said"Madam, Aap hame bhooke peth mar dalna chahte hain kya?Aap to hamara nuksan karvake rahenge"(All with the proper expressions)
W: Aur Aap to hame loot te hain.Dhang ka daam lagao.
S: Hum 5% discount dete hain. Us se jyaza nahin.
W: Thik hain.Phir mujhe kuch nahin chahiye
At the point the she made a show of walking out with a flourish.(Herein lies the trick & she was trying it out for the first time)Shopkeepers do not allow their first customer of the day walk out empty-handed. This customer is supposed to be Lakshmi and not selling them anything is like turning money away, both literally & figuratively. That too on the day of Lakshmi Puja! So he obviously called her back,tempting her with a better offer, not realising that she never meant to walk out!. Of course she came back, but, not one to be satisfied with it, she bargained further, he trying to resist as much as possible. And so the bargaining went on, he inching down by the hundreds, she going up by the ten's. Not only did she finally manage to buy 3 good sarees at the desired cost, she also managed to get one thrown in almost free! It was obviously a loss to the shopkeeper, but when you are that superstitious, do you have a choice?
Once you know this secret, do you think it possible that any bargainer won't try to make use of it? It was the same with this woman, she started haunting the saree shops with a vengeance. When the shopkeepers came to open their shops, there she would be,with a big smile on her face, waiting to enter. She became notorious. Things came to such a pass, when any shopkeeper saw her near his shop in the morning, he would come running out & beg her not to enter his shop!
This is true of almost all shopkeepers. It so happened that last Diwali morning, I went with a friend to buy a Uparna. I selected a nice silk one, and asked the price. Not in a bargaining mood, I just asked him to give it at ¾ the price. To my surprise he just agreed. That's when I remembered the middle. I realized that I was their first customer. I'm sure if I had asked for a lesser price, he'd definitely have given it. The money I gave was immediately kept in front of an idol of Krishna. I also noticed that the customer who came in after me was not so lucky.
A nice tip: This technique works with Hong Kong Lane shops too. If you seriously want a bargain there, be their first customer. You won't even need to haggle. Think of all the money & energy saved. Shouldn’t be a major loss for the trinket shops either. They can wriggle out the loss from other customers. Maybe that's why they so hike up the prices during the day. After all how many first customers can you have in a day!

Yesterday I had a chance to flaunt my self-stitched dress as I wore it to college. My second one actually, but the first to be stitched under guidance, that too, in 2 days flat. The pleasure of having created something, be it ever so small, is still one to be treasured:)

February 06, 2003

What do you get when you compile a software 70 times in 8 hours, making all kinds of changes in it no one's ever done?
A stiff finger, a broken back,a full recycle bin and................A big smile:)

February 03, 2003

Dear Indira,

"Happy Birthday" means much more
Than have a happy day.
Within these words lie lots of things
I never get to say.
It means I love you first of all,
Then thanks for all you do.
It means you mean a lot to me,
And that I'm proud of you.

But most of all, I guess it means
That I am thinking of
Your happiness on this, your day,
Hoping that your wishes are fulfilled,
In every possible way.

Have a Wonderful B'day!!!!!!!!!!

February 02, 2003

Talk of embrassments! I seem to be an expert in getting into such situations due to my very poor memory at remembering names. I can remember faces perfectly well, with some conscious effort-names too. But when it comes to matching the names with the faces-There I go! This seems to turn into a major problem when I land up at social functions like marriages. Somebody’ll come up & say “How are you, blah blah” while I’m racking my brains trying to remember his name. He seems familiar, I’m sure where I’ve met that person, that’s the saving grace which helps me carry on a conversation. I do manage to have conversations excepting mention of names.When he walks off, someone else will saunter up & say- “Oh, so you met so-and-so”. Seeing my blank look, he’d get confused and say “Then who was it that you just met?” Finally a bulb lights up in my head. But by then the person’s too far away to talk to. I resolve to remember that name henceforth, conveniently forgetting it again when next time comes. Sometimes I tell people frankly that I don’t remember their names,a few laugh it off thinking me to be an absent-minded person, while others get offended.
Aside from my regular friends & acquaintances the only names I manage to remember are of those whom I either like or dislike a lot.

My Khasiyat is of no help when I get e-mails either. How am I supposed to sift through the no-face mails?My most recent goof-up was to write to a person who sent me very nice cards asking him who he was. It turned out that he had been my classmate at Fergusson!As if that was not enough, I had even met him in the past year & talked to him, then perfectly aware that he was my classmate. It’s just that the name didn’t ring a bell. A description however did. But again too late. I’m sure he would have had no qualms in thinking me rude & rightfully so.
So now you all know the disadvantage of having me as a friend. If any of you happen to meet me after many months, kindly drop a hint about your name.Even if I seem to talk with all familiarity, in all probability I’ve forgotten your name!


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